Earplugs reduce decibel levels which can enable you to be exposed to sound for longer without causing hearing damage. Earplugs come in different styles, varying from cheap disposable earplugs to musician’s earplugs and custom made earplugs. Keep your eyes peeled for earplug reviews coming soon.

EarSmart Accredited venues have free disposable earplugs behind the bar, they are The Night Kitchen, Yellow Arch, The Sheffield Student Union, Plug and The Harley.

Take regular breaks

Even with earplugs in you still can’t dance the whole night away. Taking regular breaks away from sound lets your ears recover.

60:60 Rule

Simple. If you listen to music through headphones make sure the volume is at 60% and you only listen for 60 minutes a day. Even if there is a lot of background noise cranking your headphones up can still cause damage to your hearing after little exposure.